New Orleans Investment Conference 2013

New Orleans Investment Conference 2013

Sector: Miscellaneous Metal Ores Not Elsewhere Classified Region: LA, United States

Profits And Safety In An Uncertain World

As nations flood the world with debt and currency, investors can choose to find rich profits and iron-clad safety...

...Or watch their wealth diluted away.

For nearly four decades, there's been only one sure thing in investing: The New Orleans Investment Conference.

Thousands of investors will testify that the New Orleans Conference is the single best place to learn how to protect and build your wealth during uncertain markets.

Today's investing environment — as governments attempt to float the world out of economic crisis on an ocean of new currency — is undoubtedly one of the riskiest periods in history.

During the inevitable inflation ahead, investors who sit idly by will watch their hard-earned wealth relentlessly eaten away.

But those who prepare — who use the powerful strategies and investments that the New Orleans Conference has unfailingly provided during times such as this — will enjoy the greatest financial opportunities of their lifetimes.

And that's why we're building another value-packed agenda for New Orleans 2013 — one that will bring together the world's top experts to address every one of the crucial problems, risks and opportunities facing investors today.

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2012 New Orleans Investment Conference Speaker Highlights

New Orleans Investment Conference 2013 video

2012 New Orleans Investment Conference Speaker Highlights

New Orleans Investment Conference 2013 video

Glenn Beck at the 2011 New Orleans Investment Conference

New Orleans Investment Conference 2013 video

2011 Conference Debate

New Orleans Investment Conference 2013 video

2011 New Orleans Investment Conference Highlights


Brien Lundin, President and CEO
With a career spanning three decades in the investment markets, Brien Lundin serves as president and CEO of Jefferson Financial, Inc., a highly regarded producer of investment-oriented events and publisher of investment newsletters and special reports. Under the Jefferson Financial umbrella, Mr. Lundin serves as publisher and editor of Gold Newsletter, the publication that has been the cornerstone of precious metals advisories since 1971, and as the host of the annual New Orleans Investment Conference, the oldest and most respected investment event of its kind. As editor of Gold Newsletter, Mr. Lundin covers not only resource stocks, but also the entire world of investing, from small-caps of every type to macroeconomics and geopolitical issues that ultimately affect every investor. As host of the New Orleans Investment Conference, Mr. Lundin has annually brought the giants of investing, economics and geopolitics together in intimate presentations with many of today’s most sophisticated private investors. In all of these endeavors, Mr. Lundin has striven to burnish the brilliant legacy of the late James U. Blanchard III, his great friend and the founder of both Gold Newsletter and the New Orleans Investment Conference. In addition to his responsibilities with Jefferson Financial, Mr. Lundin is an active investor and speculator in the mining and technology sectors. He is a co-founder, and the Chairman, of Natcore Technology, Inc. (NXT.V), which controls a revolutionary new film-growth technology that promises to transform the solar energy, semiconductor and optoelectronic industries.

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