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Rakesh Sharma: Bajaj Auto's Export Thrust Into Growth Net Countries

"Bajaj auto's international sales have tripled in last 5 years, faster than the domestic market" Rakesh Sharma, Head of International Business, Bajaj Auto, India on Baja Auto's exports in the last year.

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Rakesh Sharma: Bajaj Auto's Export Thrust Into Growth Net Countries


Rahul Bajaj, Chairman
Rahul Bajaj Is an Honours Graduate in Economics and Law and a Business Graduate from the Harvard Business School. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Bajaj Auto in 1968 and took over later as Head of the Bajaj Group of companies.
Madhur Bajaj, Vice Chairman
After graduating in Commerce, Mr Bajaj did his MBA from Lausanne, Switzerland. Joined as DGM in March 1983, took over as General Manager - Aurangabad Division in June 1986, as its Chief Executive in October 1988, became President of Bajaj Auto in September 1994, Executive Director in May 2000 and is Vice Chairman since July 2001.
Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director
Rajiv Bajaj graduated first in class, with distinction, in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pune in 1988, and then completed his masters in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, with distinction, from the University of Warwick in 1990. He has since worked at Bajaj Auto in the areas of Manufacturing & Supply Chain (1990-95), R+D and Engineering (1995-2000), and Marketing and Sales (2000-2005), and has been its Managing Director since April 2005. His current priority is the application of the scientific principles of Homoeopathy to the task of building a brand centred strategy at Bajaj Auto with the objective of achieving its vision of being one of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers.
Pradeep Shrivastava, Chief Operating Officer
Mr.Pradeep Shrivastava joined Bajaj in April 1986. He took over as Vice President in April 2005 and is currently the Chief Operating Officer. After receiving a degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT - Delhi, Mr. Shrivastava obtained a graduate diploma in Production and Finance from IIM – Bangalore in 1986.
Abraham Joseph, Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Joseph started his tenure in Bajaj in July 1989 as a Graduate Trainee Engineer, took over as General Manager (R&D) in April 2005, Vice President (R&D) in April 2007 and is currently the Chief Technology Officer. He is a Mechanical Engineer from the National Institute of Technology, Bhopal.

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