Midas Magic

Midas Magic

Sector: Management Investment Offices Open-end Region: United States

: | Nasdaq: MISEX

MIDAS MAGIC invests aggressively for solely capital appreciation.

The Fund exercises a flexible strategy in the selection of securities, and will not be limited by the issuer’s location, size, or market capitalization. The Fund may invest in equity and fixed income securities of new and seasoned U.S. and foreign issuers with no minimum rating, and may employ aggressive and speculative investment techniques, such as selling securities short and borrowing money for investment purposes, a practice known as “leveraging” and may invest defensively in short term, liquid, high grade securities and money market instruments.

To achieve the Fund’s objective, the investment manager may use a seasonal investing strategy to invest the Fund’s assets to gain exposure to the securities markets during periods anticipated to be favorable based on patterns of investor behavior as driven by and related to accounting periods, tax events and other calendar related phenomenon. Midas Magic is subject to the Principal Risks associated with market fluctuations, foreign investment, leverage, non-diversification, short selling, options, and futures transactions, small capitalization and fixed income securities.

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