Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

Sector: Electronic Components Not Elsewhere Classified Region: Japan

: | Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6503

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. engages in the manufacture, development, and sale of electric and electronic equipment. It operates in the following business segments: Energy and Electric Systems, Industrial Automation Systems, Information and Communication Systems, Electronic Devices, Home Appliances, and Others. The Energy and Electric Systems segment offers turbine generators, hydraulic turbine generators, nuclear power plant equipment, motors, transformers, power electronics equipment, circuit breakers, gas insulated switches, switch control devices, surveillance-system control and security systems, large-size visual display system, electrical equipment for locomotives and rolling stock, elevators, escalators, building security systems, and particle beam treatment systems. The Industrial Automation Systems segment covers programmable logic controllers, inverters, servomotors, human-machine interface, motors, hoists, magnetic switches, no-fuse circuit breakers, short-circuit breakers, transformers for electricity distribution, time and power meters uninterruptible power supply devices, industrial blowers, computerized numerical controllers, electrical-discharge machines, laser processing machines, industrial robots, clutches, automotive electric and electronic components, car electronic and mechatronic devices, and car multimedia equipment. The Information and Communication Systems segment include wireless and wired communications systems, cable communication systems, surveillance cameras, satellite communications equipment, artificial satellites, radar equipment, antennas, missile systems, fire-control systems, broadcasting equipment, data transmission devices, network security systems, information systems, and systems integration equipment. The Electronic Devices segment offers power modules, high-frequency devices, optical devices, liquid crystal display devices, microcomputers, and system large scale integrations. The Home Appliances covers color televisions (TVs), projections TVs, display monitors, video projectors, digital video discs, room air conditioners, package air conditioners, heat pump water heating systems, refrigerators, electric fans, ventilators, photovoltaic power generation systems, hot water supply systems, fluorescent lamps, indoor lighting, compressors, chillers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, showcases, cleaners, microwave ovens, and induction heating cooking heaters. The Other segment includes material procurement, logistics, real estate, advertising, finance, and other services. The company was founded on January 15, 1921 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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