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Eramet SA

Eramet SA

Sector: Ferroalloy Ores Except Vanadium Region: France

: | Euronext Paris: ERA | OTC Markets: ERMAY

Eramet SA is a mining and metallurgical company, which produces and converts alloying metals comprises manganese and nickel. It manufactures non-ferrous metals and chemical derivatives, which include steel, nickel, super alloys and industrial parts. The company provides services to the industries, which manufacture aerospace, energy, tooling, chemistry and electronics. It operates business through the following divisions: Nickel, Manganese and Alloys. The Nickel division mines, produces and sells subsidiaries focused on nickel and its derivative applications comprises ferronickel, high purity nickel, cobalt, nickel salts, cobalt and tungsten powders. The Manganese division mines, produces and sells manganese alloys, which include ferromanganese, slico manganese and refined alloys. It also provides services to the industry for the recovery and recycling of metals contained in oil-industry catalyst, electric batteries and acid solutions from electros industry. The Alloy division produces and markets steel, super alloys, and pre-machined parts based on the materials and aluminum and titanium. Eramet was founded in 1880 and is headquartered in Paris, France.

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