Sector: Biological Products Except Diagnostic Substances Region: Sweden

: | NASDAQ OMX Stockholm: ALNX

Allenex is a life science-company that develops, manufacture, market and sell products for safer transplants of organs and bone marrow on the global market. Allenex is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Small Cap (ticker: ALNX). 52 persons are employed in the Allenex group.


Anders Karlsson, Marketing Manager
Market business degree and MBA from Henley Business School/University of Reading, UK Experience: More than 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including sales person and sales director at Sandoz, markeing manager and sales & marketing director at Novartis Sverige AB. Has hold the position as CEO of Novartis Norge AS. Former CEO of the subsidiary company AbSorber AB. Other assignments: Board of Directors of Olerup Inc. and Olerup GmbH, CEO of Olerup International AB, Olerup Inc. adn Olerup GmbH.
Yvonne Axelsson, CFO
MSc Business and Economics CFO since 2007. Experience: Background as senior management consultant and partner with a focus on the role of CFO and financial manager at companies in the finance, property and insurance sectors. Yvonne has also worked at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authorities focused on rules & regulations, risks and corporate governance in the financial sector. Other assignments: Member of the Board of AbSorber AB, Olerup SSP AB and Olerup International AB.
Lars Öqvist, Head of Marketing and Sales
Registered Nurse and Certified degree in Marketing from IHM. Experience: Over 20 years experience in life science companies in various positions in sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals and in-vitro diagnostics against specialist medical care. Other assignments: Owner of and Member of the Board of Sellmakonsult AB.

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